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Who's Your Idol?

Posted on April 26 2006   |  

The show started 30 minutes ago, Kellie Pickler is now performing and she explained that she will be singing "Unchained Melody" Leanne Rimes-style. That's my problem with her. She ALWAYS sings Leanne Rimes-style and that's all she could do. And wow, is she singing pretty flat right now. I think her voice is to whiny and she should have been kicked off the show a long time ago- way before Mandissa anyway.

Elliot- Now here's a natural. Not much to say but that he's got a great voice, performs well on stage, and has proven that he can sing diff genre. I knew he was going to do well from the beginning.

Katharine - She's one of my 3 fav's. She's also pretty hot, which is another reason why I think she will make it to the top 3.

The rocker, Chris, has a lot of passion and a great voice. ( And I'm pretty sure he trims his eyebrows. They're too perfect)

Taylor Hicks- I totally thought he was awesome with his voice and charisma the first time I saw him perform, but like Kellie, Taylor is not versatile and really cannot perform outside of his particular style. I think I was also inclined to cheer for him because he is kind dorky-looking and I felt sorry for him.

Paris- She impressed me, again. But I don't think she'll make it further than maybe one more round. She's still a little ghetto and I don't think America will take her to the top 3.

* What was up with Paula Abdul today? She cried when Elliot sang. She's a little weird to me.
** I didn't know Andrea Bocelli is blind...or is he?


Rancho Bernardo Inn

Posted on April 18 2006   |  

My favorite moments at Rancho Bernardo Inn this past weekend in San Diego:

6. Soaking in the hot tub after a cold, wet round of golf at Mt. Woodson
5. Watching Deana, the pool shark, take on all my male co-workers. She KICKED BUTT
4. Scenic views of the Bernardo golf course
3. My co-worker, Oliver, squealing like a little girl as his cart skidded down the wet surface of the bridge
1. The 18th hole proposal from David to Lisa (pictures here)

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LRK Retreat

Posted on April 13 2006   |  

I'm working late…..again. Won't be outta here til like midnight. The contractors are working on the office expansion of our floor, finishing up the conference center and penthouse-style kitchen and I stuck around to supervise the last touches. Can't wait til this is done - will be gorgeous!

I'm also working on the program shown above - it's for our annual retreat. I actually like doing stuff like this, nice change from the crazy unforeseeable things that happen around here in a typical work day...putting out fires, fixing things, managing relationships. Anyway, our retreat this year will be held at Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego. Although I'll be hanging with co-workers all weekend, coordinating activities and conducting seminars and meetings, I certainly will appreciate 2 rounds of free golf at the resort, plus spa treatments, and dining at the award-winning El Bizcocho (I'll take some pics of nice dishes to post). Thanks LRK! ~~~~~~ Then I can come back to work just so I can work late nights all week next week…..again.

Can't wait til May when I can take a real vacation. *sigh*


Google Ads

Posted on April 12 2006   |  

You see all the ad banners along the margin of my site? We make money just by having these banners displayed there. The more visitors I have, the more money I make! On the first day of my site launch, I made $5 from Google. It's not much...but slowly, it will add up and all that money is going to help me pay for the cost of my children's diapers one day. ^ ^ Lucy has her Baskin Robbins, and I have Google...kekeke. We're gonna retire early.


Sue's Baby Shower

Posted on April 6 2006   |  

We celebrated our soon-te-be mother, SUE, and the coming of CHRISTIAN last weekend at Pane e Vino. It's weird- the last several years we partied hopping from club to club for birthday parties and New Year's Eve parties and GNOs, crazy Vegas trips for bachelorette parties (how many did we go to?) and now, here we are- hosting baby showers for each other.

There are only a few mothers in our group so far: Daniela who had Nathan 2 years ago, Jennifer who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Chloe, and here are Sue and Cindy-both 8 months pregnant (and may I say they are all looking pretty "milfy" ^ ^ ) So who's next? Saera? Suzie? Jenn?