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Posted on July 26 2007   |  


I think in human years, Hogan has reached THE TERRIBLE 2!!! He's not as obedient as he used to be, and because he is bigger and faster, it's too hard to control him when he is misbehaving and running away from me. He runs out every time I open the door, and he even once jumped out of my arms and ran into the street infront of our new house. He doesn't come to me when I call him or yell at him. I'm learning that yelling doesn't work (at least not mine anyway, Eugene's yelling works). This is truly a test of my patience.

The picture above shows my new glasses which he chewed up- one of the lenses fell out and one of the loops of the frame is broken. I spanked him a bit and made him sit in the corner for a good 10 minutes while I demanded that he not get distracted and stare right back at me. Funny thing is he kept falling asleep on me! I think he gets really stressed and tired when he is being scolded, and he may have ADD (must take after his mom-me).

What I learned from a the other dog-owners is that they do have ADD and they're too dumb to remember anything for more than 10 no point in scolding him for 10 minutes when he is going to forget the very thing he did in less than a minute. So what am I supposed to? He's pretty good at learning new tricks and responding to positive reinforcement...but not negative reinforcement. How do I teach him NOT to chew my glasses with positive reinforcement?


AND.....IT'S ON!!!!!

Posted on July 23 2007   |  

My MS Challenge is just around the corner, September 7-9. This year will be my 3rd consecutive year, going for the 150th mile, and my team's 4th consecutive year. In total, our team has walked 600 miles, and raised well over $30,000 for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Please join me by making a pledge!

Your donation to the MS Society is tax deductible. Follow this link to make a donation today!



Posted on July 12 2007   |  

Bachelor: Hogan Chang
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, CKC
Height: 8"
Length: 9"
Weight: 3 lbs. 7 oz.
Eyes: Big round sparkly brown
Hair: Blk & Tan
Location: Hancock Park

About Hogan: Hogan is a cute, friendly Yorkshire Terrier . He is the new kid on the block at our local dog park. Hogan loves to play with all dogs, and (fortunately) all dogs love to play with Hogan. Hogan will even play with a 3-foot tall German Shepherd, even though he has to jump up to reach the German Shepherd's mouth. Hogan loves to wait patiently at the door for Dad so they can run laps around the apartment complex together . He also loves to chew rawhide, bully sticks and computer laptop power cords...of which I we've had to buy three replacements in the first month.

Looking for: Companion Bachelorette Yorkie, AKC, between the ages of 3 months to 6 months, "unfixed" who would be a good companion, a great mother to his future kids.... just lookin for someone to grow old with.



Posted on June 8 2007   |  

Everyone...Thank you so much for your efforts. Within the past 2 weeks, Elyse's team has made great strides in the effort to raise awareness and promote bone marrow donations. I'll keep it short cuz I want all of you to take the next 8 minutes to watch the following video of Elyse's story.

And then check out the calendar below to find out which drive you can attend. Please....don't let this opportunity pass you by.

*Special thanks to Mommy Lucy who's been sharing Elyse's story with her Bay Area circle of friends...and politicians!

*Check out Elyse's new web site


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