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Posted on August 30 2006   |  

Haha, that's how i'd like to describe this picture taken by some passerbys at Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes. Eugene proposed to me there, our favorite place :)

So many thoughts have run through my head these past few days, so I'd like to share a few with you:

I'm so thankful that Eugene loves me. You know that song, "When a Man Loves a Woman...." - it describes all the wonderful things a man does for the woman he loves? They're all true. I have to give Eugene a lot of credit. Girls have to give a lot of credit to those men who love them. Usually, the proposal focuses on how the girl felt, how she reacted, how surprised she was when she saw the ring, how big the ring was...and we girls often forget what the moment was like for the guy. I have to admit that I too had been a bit selfish lately. I wanted to be proposed to, I was too impatient, I wanted a pretty ring, etc etc. But I forgot that the proposal was a very eventful, sentimental moment for the guy as well. I mean guys put in a lot of work- they sweat over finding the perfect ring,they save for months or even years to afford one, they have to think of the time and place, try really hard to make it a surprise (which is very hard when he has a girlfriend like me who is so nosey that he can never hide anythingfrom me), and finally they have to face the father and tell him that he's going to take away his daughter...WOW, that's alot of work. And so...I thank Eugene for sharing a beautiful proposal moment with me. He actually said, "JUDY KIM, will you marry me?" And I laughed. kekek. When he told my Dad, my Dad shook his hand, then shook my hand and said "Congratulations" with a great big smile, of course. We were sitting at a table at a rest. so he couldn't lean over to hug me. He was delighted!


I'm also thankful for all my friends who have shown so much love for me. I used to always downplay proposals and weddings and stuff and wondered why everyone got so excited and emotional...but now I know. It's because they all shared in the moment with me. I know my friends love me, but I feel it more now because they've all expressed how special this moment is for me, AND Eugene, and for themselves as well. I'm sure there will be many more moments like the future where my friends will share with me- when Eugene and I walk down the aisle together, when we move into our home, when we have children, etc....I'll never be alone to share any moment- good or bad.



Posted on July 7 2006   |  

I found more of my original slides of paitings I had completed back in school. Don't laugh...these new five prints were some of the first pieces I had done. Can you guess what the theme of the first two paintings were?


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