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Posted on December 21 2006   |  


For those of you who don't have Microsoft Office on their computer at home and need Office software, there's an alternative to paying $150 for an MS Office License. Instead, you can download's an open-source multiplatform MS Office-like software package. software basically looks and acts like MS Office...but it's free. To download the software, visit the website.



Posted on December 6 2006   |  

I'd hate to see beautiful dresses go to waste. What do you do with that one beautiful dress you bought to wear for that one special wedding or NYE party? It's too dressy to wear for just any weekend, and you certainly don't want to wear it again to another wedding where you'll end up seeing the same people again, right? Some of you won't mind, but many of you would. Unless you have another wedding/party to attend to all the way on the east coast, you may not wear dress again. I have a policy regarding "special occasion dresses"- I have to plan on wearing it at least 3 times within the upcoming 4-5 months to justify spending X amount of dollars. And I really try hard to select items which I know are not too trendy so that I can still wear it again the year after.

How about bridesmaids dresses? Now those, for sure, you will never wear again. I've worn many bridesmaids dresses in my lifetime and I kept all of them cuz I was certain I could wear it again. But I haven't, except for just one of them. My now-married friends spent so much money and tireless efforts obtaining those bridesmaids dresses, but chances are, they too will never be worn again. I thought it would be nice to sell them (as a group- 5 bridesmaids dresses will sell better than 1 I think) and do something meaningful with the giving it back to the couple who's probably broke after hosting that $ XX,XXX wedding party.

Eugene and I had briefly talked about organizing some type of an online forum (or maybe even on my web site) for exchanging "gently used" dresses/tops/bridesmaids dresses. Ebay just isn't lucrative...sales for clothing (even new clothing) is declining, and I just haven't been too successful at selling clothing through ebay, especially used ones. Back to the point- the idea is to provide a "credit" system where you can deposit a certain amount of money and purchase other people's items with your "credit" (kinda like tokens....or poker chips). If other people purchase your items, you will receive additional credit on your account. And at the end, if you end up buying nothing, you can get your money back.

Nway, aside from the details of the transaction, I really need to find out whether or not people are willing to purchase used items. So I have 2 questions for you. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

1) Would you purchase labels like "LaRok" "Development" "Vince" "BCBG" "Alice & Olivia" for 30% of the original price from someone you know? Someone you DON'T know?

2) Are you interested in posting up your bridesmaids dresses for sale?



Posted on November 21 2006   |  

See Susan's bridal shower pics here.



Posted on November 18 2006   |  

  I never believed it when older people told me that after reaching the age of 30, they felt like they were getting dumber....sadly, I'm beginning to realize that they were right.

After I reached 30, I noticed that my memory was not as sharp as before- I used to remember names and phone numbers of people I knew over 10 years ago. I used to calculate my grocery totals in my head because I didn't trust the grocer's cashier machine (okay, maybe that was just due to my OCD).

And I'm forgetting how to spell :( I was preparing my floral budget for my wedding, and I couldn't spell "boutinier" "boutenier" "boutinier" The correct spelling is "boutonniere." Also took me a couple of seconds to figure out how to spell "chaos." Nowadays, I visit very very often...too often.

It's only natural that your brain begins to deteriorate. But here are some things you can do to keep your mind sharp:

Mentally stimulating activities My job is not very "mentally stimulating," your job may not be either. So try SUDOKU, or your local paper's cross word puzzle. Or just read.

Remain socially involved Eh? yeah, social involvement reduces stress levels, which help maintain healthy connections among brain cells. YIKES! this means STRESS can actually make me dumber? Geez, I stress a lot at work, I better stop that.

Physically active exercise= good blood flow= encourage new cells= nuff said

Brain healthy diet Recent research indicates that cholesterol may attribute to brain cell damage....does that mean big people are *%&#$@ ? "Dark vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants are believed to protect brain cells."


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